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Sambatuque Brasil Band

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Musical creativity and spontaneity are the driving forces for Samba Tuque Brasil's success story in Europe and Asia. 
Specialising in Latin-American rhythms, the troupe has been continuously touring through Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Norway, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Singapore, Malaysia and Brazil. 
The infectious sound of Samba Tuque Brasil ranges from samba to batucada (Brazilian percussion), from bossa nova, axé, carimbo and forró to other Latin rhythms such as salsa and merengue. The audience is guaranteed to sing and dance in the aisles… 
The band is not only popular with the local crowds, but also offers a bit of a "feeling at home" with the many Brazilians all over the world who go to their concerts. Every show gives them the chance to meet each other, and first and foremost satisfy their hunger and longing for home and Brazilian culture.

The Story

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It was love at first sight for music and Osmar. This and the fact that there was a lack of good Brazilian bands in the market in his guest country made Osmar decide that something had to be done. So in 1983, the band Samba Tuque Brasil was founded out of the Latin-America College at the student hostels in Munich. The band set themselves an ambitious goal: Bring Brazilian music to the Europeans.
In those days, Germans’ knowledge of Brazilian music was limited; at best they were familiar with tunes like “Tristeza“, “Aquarela do Brasil“ und “Mais que Nada“. Lots to do…

Soon the band was expanded due to increasing demand. With new band members, the range of instruments was extended from the initial surdo, pandeiro and cavaco to keyboard, drums, bass and Latin percussion.Their first show with the new band was at the legendary MUH in Munich, where they performed for free. Their rise to fame started in 1987 when Samba Tuque Brasil played at the Jazz Club Unterfahrt.

 Following that engagement, they were invited to perform at the Film Awards Ball – a major event in Munich. This was the final breakthrough they had been waiting for. After that show there was no looking back. 1996 saw the release of their first CD named “Best Party Songs / As Melhores do Baile”.

 It was followed two years later with the release of “Samba Tuque Brasil / Osmar de Oliveira” which was spread through the whole of Europe. DJs and Latin dance ensembles also rode on this wave of success and used Samba Tuque Brasil’s music for their shows and at big events. Our third album Will be released in the year 2016.